Late Summer, Sunset Family Session – Retzer Nature Center

September 3, 2019

MY KIDS ARE OFF TO SCHOOL!! Woohoo!! Party time! … just kidding … we’ve done enough of that over the summer. That means work catch-up time! And boy oh man I feel like I am making excuse after excuse here on my blog but the last week was SO busy for us. Not to mention, I took on two additional last minute photo gigs, one because a photographer backed out and the other as a favor to a friend. So yeah, my personal time, and my work hours, have been nearly non-existent. I didn’t cry this morning when our boys got on the bus, but I did tear up a couple of hours later as I was heading home from an adoption hearing, knowing I’d be coming home to a completely quiet and chaos free house. I will honestly miss them!! But I am also so thankful for their teachers and the time they will get to spend with their friends and most importantly, on opposite sides of the school from each other. Moms, do ya hear me?! That spells RELIEF!

So here I am back home in my quiet, quiet house just editing away. I finished up this session and I was going to send it right over because I know Shayna has been patiently waiting (thank you!!!) but the images are so beautiful I just HAD to share my favorites!! She’ll get the link 5 minutes after this goes live, no worries 😉

AND I was exporting these images, I realized… I have to add the year to the file names, because this is the third year they have come to me for their family photos!! We have shot some in some incredible locations, and created epic images together and this session at Retzer Nature Center was no exception to that!!

From the first time I photographed them, I have pulled out the back to back height comparison shot with Aiden and Dad at every session. I had to put a side by side from our first session! He’s gaining on you, Ryan!

As you’ll see in the images, it’s super duper green here in Wisconsin right now with the end of summer but I just saw my first changing leaves on the tree across the street from my house so fall colors are coming!! But, the sunset did NOT disappoint for us!! We actually had finished up our session and were standing around chatting and I looked up at the sky and Mother Nature had painted an incredible palate of colors for us. So I whipped out my camera again and ran them up the hill and boom! Beautiful. I’m actually so envious of it and I want one of my own with my own people sometime! I’d definitely print it on a giant canvas!

Check out their gorgeous late summer family session below!

2017 vs 2019!


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