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When Caity and I first started talking about booking and where her family photo session would be, we went through a few different possibilities and settled on a sunset session at Pewaukee Beach. Later that day, I posted a sunset family session that I shot at Retzer Nature Center, and Caity emailed me right away, […]

MY KIDS ARE OFF TO SCHOOL!! Woohoo!! Party time! … just kidding … we’ve done enough of that over the summer. That means work catch-up time! And boy oh man I feel like I am making excuse after excuse here on my blog but the last week was SO busy for us. Not to mention, […]

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PSA: It’s August. Not only is it August but it is already almost halfway through August! Everywhere I turn, and every person I talk to… I either see, hear or I myself often exclaim out loud some form of “I can’t believe summer is almost over!”

Every once in a while I photograph an event or an occasion that leaves me changed for the better, and this was one of them!! I am absolutely humbled and inspired by the J family and their dedication and love for their family. I know that people who have a lot of kids are used to hearing “wow, you have your hands full!” which is technically true, what fills them up even more is…



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