J Family – Adopted Family Session, Milwaukee Wisconsin

June 26, 2019


Every once in a while I photograph an event or an occasion that leaves me changed for the better, and this was one of them!! I am absolutely humbled and inspired by the J family and their dedication and love for their family. I know that people who have a lot of kids are used to hearing “wow, you have your hands full!” which is technically true, what fills them up even more is their LOVE for each other!

We chose to have our portrait session in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, which has an eclectic mix of both natural and industrial settings. I have shot in this area several times in the past so I knew my way around, and guided everyone around to all of the different spots that I love! With such a well oiled team, Jenni and Scott had no problems keeping everyone together. The only person running out into the road was me, to get some fun angles and shots!

The J family absolutely loves to enjoy the outdoors whether it be biking, hiking, swimming and so much more. They want their children to grow up the very best of friends, so they spend as much time together as possible on one of their many adventures! There love speaks for itself, but here is what Jenni has to say about her amazing family!

“Scott grew up as the youngest of 5 kids, and I am the oldest of 9 siblings. Coming from larger families, we decided to grow our own tribe and pass on the family culture of big family living that we both enjoyed growing up. There are difficult parts (we are always tired!) but we have found that the blessings outweigh the challenges. Each of our seven children are an amazing gift that we wouldn’t trade for anything. After having our three youngest children in our home for over 3 years, we are thrilled to be officially adopting them this July and becoming a forever family!”

Jenni, it was such an honor to capture these moments and memories for you and your family and I especially loved all of the hugs that I received at the end of our session! I look so forward to seeing everyone again soon!



  1. Linda says:

    These are beautiful photos. Congratulations on the upcoming adoption of your kids and having them in your forever family. 🙂


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