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Where do I even begin?! It’s been well over a year and a half since I have blogged, and I am also a week late on this specific post. Well… I guess technically, I am a year and a half late on everyone else’s blog posts too, but we all know what kind of year last year was… and, not to worry! Everyone has received their galleries since the last time I blogged! 2020 just took a LOT out of me… and I am sure it did you, too. However, during all of the chaos of last year, there were still some golden linings. Engagements continued, wedding planning forged on… my brides over this last year have had to put a lot of trust in their plans despite the unknown and I am happy to report, that every one of the weddings that I’ve been a part of since.. you know… all were still beautiful, loving days full of joy and fun. Michelle and Randy’s wedding was no exception!



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